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Outsourcing - Project Management

First Recruitment Asia is more than just a recruitment company – we are able to act as a true business partner, offering comprehensive and specificall...


First Recruitment Asia is more than just a recruitment company – we are able to act as a true business partner, offering comprehensive and specificall...

Candidate Attraction

First Recruitment Asia is one of the most recognisable brand names in recruitment. We combine our global reach and in-depth local knowledge to provide...


FirstRecruitment Asia offers a number of unique characteristics that define us as one of the leading specialist recruitment consultancies in the worl...

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Executive Search & Selection

Deep Industry Knowledge We are the “insiders” who maintain strong networks and stay closely attuned to industry trends. Our knowledge is your power....

  • Product Manager - Pharmaceuticals
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Job title: Product Manager


    • Minimum 3-5 years relevant experience with a multinational organization
    • Demonstrable medical marketing experience gained in FMCG, Consumer Health, Aesthetics and Pharmaceutical markets
    • Sound experience and knowledge of Vietnam healthcare industry, having worked with Health Care Professionals as well as previous experience of relationship management within the GPs and hospitals.
    • Experienced in planning & implementing digital, media and e-marketing activities.
    • Knowledge of relevant healthcare practices, codes of conduct, policies and how these impact marketing plans
    • Ability to build good relationships and challenge constructively and confidently
    • Strong conceptual and analytical skills with ability to develop strategies, tactics and measurable implementation in line with opportunities and changes within the market
    • Insightful, with the ability to consolidate complex information, interpret & construct straightforward plans.
    • Ability to work on complex projects with a good understanding of medical terminology
    • Ambitious and keen to take on responsibility in an organization that provides a high level of autonomy and individual responsibility.
    • Ability to challenge the status quo and propose improvement.
    • Tenacious and resilient, driven to achieve even when faced with obstacles
    • Leadership and interpersonal skills capable of building strong working relationships and influencing external stakeholders, academics, healthcare professionals and internal teams
    • Strong commercial understanding of business issues/opportunities balanced with a deep understanding of the GP, hospital and changing healthcare environment

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

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  • Store Manager - Consumer Services
    IndustriesConsumer Services
    Salary$1,500 - $2,500 or Negotiate
    Job TypeContract
    LocationViet Nam

    Major Responsibilities:

    1. Profit and Loss Management

    • Plans the development of sales in your boutique
    • Builds up the annual budget, keeps track of all foreseeable sales and expenses
    • Achieves net profitability in line within the agreed budget
    • Prepares weekly sales summary and monthly reports per requires

    2. Sales Management

    • Have good customer database and good relationship with them
    • Ensures that all clients are properly served
    • Develops a selling strategy based on market trends, sales objectives and inventory control
    • Implements this strategy with a quality and customer-service oriented sales policy
    • Ensures that all the sales team fully understands the selling strategy and applies it
    • Prepares sales budget every year

    3. Buying

    • Implements a proper buying strategy, based on the specificity of your boutique (demand, inventory and sales objectives)

    4. Inventory

    • Manages inventories in a pro-active way in order to increase the sales and keep a financially healthy stock level
    • Be fully aware of the inventory of all product lines at all times, anticipating stock build-up and shortages, and maintaining reasonable levels as much as possible
    • Optimizes sales in the boutique by ensuring that needed stock is available, regularly reordering

    5. Merchandising

    • Trains the sales team to develop proper merchandising skills
    • Maintains boutique display and environment with company set standard of daily operation

    6. Customer Service

    • Ensures that each member of the sales team provides an excellent service to each individual entering the boutique, in line with Tam Son’ standards of customer service
    • Develops sales and goodwill through proper service to all clients
    • Always be present and back-up your team in case of conflicts

    7. Team Management

    • Motivates your sales team to serve all clients in excellent standards
    • Employs and retains high quality staff, at the right compensation level
    • Keep track of each individual performance, defining tasks and setting goals
    • Ensures that the team receives proper training regularly in order to develop customer service, product knowledge and selling skills
    • Oversees and ensures all leaves taken are in line with company policies and procedures while all untaken annual leaves are properly managed
    • Creates a sense of team spirit, discipline and mutual respect, as well as dedication and loyalty to the company
    • Ensures that everyone on the team receives proper support in order to achieve their full potential

    8. Sales Administration

    • Ensures that procedures and systems are clearly understood, run smoothly and comply with the ever-changing needs of the sales activities
    • Ensures that all sales activities are properly processed according to the company’s procedures
    • Processes proper sales reporting according to the company’s procedures

    9. Communications

    • Assists the Marketing Team to implement any communication activities in relations with your boutique
    • Proposes to the Marketing Team all communication activities which could help achieve the sales objectives of your boutique
    • Be at all times a proper “ambassador” for Brands with all visitors of the boutique, and to ensure that each member of the sales team also acts as an “ambassador” of the brand

    10. Property Management

    • Keeps up the boutique in excellent states at all times
    • Ensures proper maintenance and renovation works, in line with the agreed budget
    • Aware of the neighboring property market and to inform your supervisor of any opportunities

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

    read more
  • National Field Operation Manager - Consumer Services
    IndustriesConsumer Services
    Salary$1,500 - $2,500 or Negotiate
    Job TypeContract
    LocationViet Nam

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Manage the project managers in 3 regions & operation supervisors/warehouse keepers nationwide.
    • Be the key drivers to manage & implement the event & brand activation campaigns nationwide
    • Report directly to Business Unit Director for the result of field operation department.
    • Participate in company Committees and Task Forces as assigned.
    • Detailed scope of work is as follow:

    Project Implementation:

    • Co-ordinate with account department to understand the campaign details before making planning & execute them with your team nationwide.
    • All the information, mechanism of brand activation & event details must be debriefed & execution plan must be gone through with project managers, operation supervisors in region to ensure good quality of execution & achieve the project KPI.
    • Monitor the execution team & make sure that all are properly executed as briefed
    • Go for site-check to ensure that the campaign rolls out as planned
    • Solve the issues arising (if any)
    • Check & deliver the report in time.

    Cost, production & logistic management:

    • Manage the project cost effectively.
    • Enrich the pool of suppliers nationwide with best cost.
    • All the materials, project items must be managed tightly, avoid the loss or damage by relevant stake holders.
    • Lead the team to manage the logistics effectively; avoid the late kickoff….

    Warehouse & material management:

    • Be responsible for the performance of warehouse keeper.
    • Set up the system to manage all the materials, items in warehouse.
    • Inventory must be checked & managed well along the time including regional warehouse & temp warehouse in the provinces.


    • 5-year experience in activation & event agency, at least 3-year experience at the same role.
    • Experience of Production, Logistics, Procurement of Brand Activation Materials (Booths, Printing Materials, T-shirts, Equipments…)
    • Experience in working with Retailers/Supermarkets, Suppliers, Clients
    • Good interpersonal skill
    • Good at English
    • Can-do attitude
    • Work independently & under high pressure

    Packages & Remuneration:

    • Monthly Basic Salary (Net) : Competitive
    • 13th month Salary                 : Yes
    • Transportation                       : per the company policy
    • Accommodation                  : per the company policy
    • Others                                   : per the company policy

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

    read more
  • Marketing Product Manager - Marketing & Advertising
    IndustriesMarketing & Advertising
    Salary$3,000 - $5,000 + good benefit or negotiate
    Job TypePermanent
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Job title: Marketing Product Manager

    Salary: $3,000 - $5,000 + good benefit or negotiate

    I. Summary of Job Purpose:

    • Lead and implement the overall marketing and strategic planning programs and corporate communications.
    • Facilitate business development through marketing programs.

    II. Key Result Areas:

    - Design, facilitate and implement annual marketing plan for the group and constituent hospitals/clinics.

    • Plan and administer the Marketing Operations budget.
    • Product training: All products of Company
    • Manage APMM in products develop
    • Drive group wide sales effort to customers across Insurance, Corporate and Direct patients as part of owning and achieving the annual target.
    • Organize and implement customer (corporate, insurance, direct etc) relations including: customer satisfaction surveys, customer development activities, special events.
    • Drive business development activities including on designing and implementing prospecting and customer contact systems.
    • Receive and answer Medical Inquiries as in SOPs.
    • Oversee corporate communications activities including: external communications and processes internal communications, public relations efforts, online communications (website, social media etc)

    III. Qualifications requirement:

    1. Education and Experience: Doctor / Pharmacist Bachelor. A business degree from a reputable institution with postgraduate qualifications such as an MBA is preferred. A Marketing post-graduate qualification will be highly desirable.
    2. The ideal candidate will be a seasoned and well-rounded leader with at least five years as Product Manager position in Marketing with track record in marketing management, strategic planning and administering marketing programs. Prior experience in marketing role for healthcare/ pharma/ medical equipment industry is preferred.
    3. Languages and Communication Skills: Strong bilingual proficiency in English and Vietnamese, both spoken and written.
    4. Computer Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft business applications.
    5. Other Skills/Experience:
    • Strong commercial skills, good financial literacy, strong influencing skills and negotiation skills.
    • Excellent interpersonal and problem solving skills.

    - Excellent understanding of Vietnamese business environment and competitive landscape as well as government regulations and compliance requirements.


    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

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  • National Sales Manager - Pharmaceuticals
    Salary$3,000 - $4,000 or Negotiate
    Job TypePermanent
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Position: National Sales Manager

    Report : Chief Representatives
    Working in : Ho Chi Minh City
    Salary : USD 3000- USD 4000 or negotiable

    The Sales Manager is responsible to plan, direct, and monitor the activities of a sales team to achieve established sales targets.
    Essential Duties & Reponsibilities:

    • Develop sales plans, activities, and campaigns and manage the day-to- day activities of a sales team in order to implement the organization’s overall sales strategy for an assigned geography, product line, market segment, or list of customer accounts.
    • Prepare sales forecasts and budgets; monitor sales volume, revenues, and costs against forecasts to identify problem areas; and adapt procedures or re-allocate resources to improve the overall performance of the sales team.
    • Negotiate sales with existing and new customers who are of strategic importance to the organization.
    • Contribute to the development of sales, marketing, customer retention, advertising, pricing, and distribution strategies for area of responsibility.
    • Coach sales representatives on the technical aspects of the organization’s products and services; on marketing campaigns and sales promotions; and on sales techniques, procedures and standards that will help them achieve their sales targets.
    • Maintains sales staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
    • Maintains sales staff job results by counseling and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.


    • A Bachelor’s degree
    • 7-10 years of experience as Sales Manager
    • Relevant Sales Experience, preferably from Pharmaceutical industry (generics)
    • Demonstrated ability to communicate, present and influence credibly and effectively at all levels of the organization
    • Proven ability to drive the sales process from plan to close
    • Strong business sense and industry expertise
    • Excellent mentoring, coaching and people management skills

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan


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  • Key Account Manager - Pharmaceuticals
    Salary$3,500 - $4,000 or Negotiate
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Position: Key Account Manager

    Report to : Chief Representative, Vietnam

    Working : Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

    Salary : USD 3,500- USD 4,000


    • Develops trusted relationships with a portfolio of major clients.
    • Understanding of key customer needs and requirements while at the same time expanding the relationships with existing customers
    • Continuously proposing solutions that meet their objectives.


    • Is responsible for the realization of sales objectives within the assigned group.
    • Maintain relationships with the key account and for the negotiation of customer contracts in accordance with overall company sales strategy.
    • Coordinates the activities of all functions with whom the customer has direct contact in order to provide a consistent and cohesive service.
    • Monitors competitive activity within accounts and disseminates information to relevant parties.
    • Develop trusted relationships with a portfolio of major clients to ensure they do not turn to competition.
    • Ensure the correct products and services are delivered to customers in a timely manner.
    • Serve as the link of communication between key customers and internal teams.
    • Resolve any issues and problems faced by customers and deal with complaints to maintain trust.
    • Play an integral part in generating new sales that will turn into long-lasting relationships.
    • Prepare regular reports of progress and forecasts to internal and external stakeholders using key account metrics.


    • A Bachelor’s degree
    • Proven experience as key account manager
    • Sales Experience, preferably from Pharmaceutical industry (generics)
    • Experience in sales and providing solutions based on customer needs
    • Strong direct to consumer selling skills
    • Ability in territory planning & customer segmentation
    • Ability in problem-solving and negotiation
    • Excellent communication
    • Strong convincing power
    • Handling the pressure and stress of achieving targets

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

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  • Product Specialist - Pharmaceuticals
    Salary$1,500 - $2,000 or Negotiate
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHaNoi (VietNam)

    Position: Product Specialist

    REPORTS TO: Sales Supervisor, Vietnam

    Salary : USD 1,500- USD 2,000

    Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

    The Product Specialist based in Hanoi is responsible for selling the  company Portfolio to Clinics and Hospitals.


    • Territory planning & execution of business plan in respective territory
    • Build target segmentation within territory
    • Contact potential customers at hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices to sell the Merz portfolio products
    • Deliver presentations to doctors, practice staff and nurses in hospitals and clinics.
    • Build strong business partnership with customers
    • Provide competitive information such as bid situations, pricing data, or bundling arrangements in order to establish negotiated pricing contracts for assigned products.
    • Improve product knowledge and sales techniques
    • Travel throughout assigned territory to call on regular and prospective customers to solicit orders or business discussion with customers
    • Gathers, analyzes and delivers information from the field to allow the company to develop strategies and products
    • Coordinate all issues with key clients between sales, service, support, customer services, marketing and finance
    • Collect orders & assist customers to place order
    • Stay informed about the activities of health services in a particular area.


    • A Bachelor’s degree
    • Relevant Sales Experience, preferably from Pharmaceutical industry (generics)
    • Strong direct to consumer selling skills
    • Ability in territory planning & customer segmentation
    • Excellent communication and leadership skills
    • Strong convincing power
    • Handling the pressure and stress of achieving targets

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

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  • Group Legal Manager - Civil Engineering
    IndustriesCivil Engineering
    Job TypePermanent
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Industry: Civil Engineering

    Job Function: Legal

    Type: Permanent

    Salary: Negotiable

    Location: Ho Chi Minh City

    Title: Group Legal Manager

    Job description:

    • Manage Legal Department: recruit, mentor team members to ensure the continuous improvement, and implement Group policies, procedures.
    • Provide legal support and prepare legal documentation for legal issues which relating to the operations of various local departments as well as the Archetype Group, including all the tasks relating to legal matters, contracts and proposals.
    • Update, improve and ensure that all legal practices and procedures meet the standards established and expected of the Group and the local legal system.
    • Present regular legal briefings to the company Directors and Managers.
    • Translate, distribute and collaborate with various departments to ensure a clear understanding of legal requirements.
    • Represent Archetype Group when interacting with relating parties on legal matters and negotiating with bad debtors.
    • Improve and update standard contact conditions to reflect local laws.
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  • Account Supervisor - Marketing & Advertising
    IndustriesMarketing & Advertising
    Salary$1,000 - $1,500 or Negotiate
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHo Chi Minh City


    • Quickly study knowledge new product category to handle new client
    • Quickly adapt new environment working and communicate well with internal and external
    • Know well advertising working process to control each step to deliver good job for client
    • Experience of solve problem just in case
    • Update market trend and competitor’s activities to update team and client
    • Negotiate skill to deal with all partners
    • Do all documents paper work as job requirement
    • Keep and build good relationship with client
    • Willing spend more time working if job request
    • Willing support team when team need
    • Independently handle small or medium projects / accounts.
    • Handle some major projects of a large account under direct supervision of Account Manager including:
    • Manage clients' expectations.
    • Develop and manage projects / programs, including concept proposals, implementation plan, staffing plan, budget and timeline.
    • Plan and manage events, convention, road show
    • Manage suppliers & sub-contractors as & when required.
    • Report to clients on project management/program status.
    • Other relevant tasks will be assigned by Director


    • Male
    • 03 years working experiences in ATL, BTL& digital agency or relevant fields
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Pro-active, dynamic, creative
    • Excellent command of spoken & written English
    • Solid knowledge & thorough understanding of Advertising Industry and International clients
    • Experience working with Japanese and AUTOMOTIVE industries are preferable

    Contact: Ms Amy Thao

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  • Quality Auditor Team Leader - Footwear
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHải Phòng


    • Competitive salary and attractive benefits packages
    • Career development
    • Good working environment
    • Health and Accident insurance for employee and family
    • Company outing and other interesting staff activities


    1. Ensure company quality standards are being satisfied through the use of high quality materials and correct or agreed upon production processes. Inspects a reference sample of all incoming materials to confirm article and colour match the approved standards prior to production. Monitors factory to confirm all laboratory material testing is performed prior to production as specified by company and that results meet company quality standards.

    2. Monitor the daily process by means of the P.O. Status Report and report to your Manager any deviations from the plan and conduct final Inspections to ensure company quality standards are maintained. Records of all inspections should be up to date and complete.

    3. Communicate factory and quality issues to your manager and appropriate factory personnel as they occur and make follow up checks to ensure corrective action has been taken.

    4. Create a file for each model that has been allocated to you and keep it updated daily for use by all members of the team. Monitor all packing and labelling according to the company standards and special customer requirements.

    5. Should monitor health and safety issues during inspections of factory lines etc and report to your manager any dangerous work areas by completing the form supplied on a monthly basis.

    On a daily basis take note of the following items as you walk thru the factory.

    1. The wearing of masks in areas of solvent use
    2. The wearing of ear plugs in noisy regions.
    3. Ensure machine guards are performing function.
    4. Check electrical contacts are in good condition.
    5. Factory and passageways should be kept clean and free of obstructions.
    6. Fire extinguisher check
    7. First Aid box check

    6. Attend T4 Production Trials to familiarize yourself with the technical issues relating to each model and working with the Technical Engineer establish standards for each process and each model. RunT4 trials for tech difficulty when required with full report to direct manager for the T4 meeting.

    7. Collect samples of production materials and shoes from the production line daily for test and ensure results are in line with company requirements.

    8. Carry out daily check of B and C grades and report to Technical Engineer and factory personnel any issues that have arisen and make follow up inspections to ensure problems have been solved.

    9. Coach and mentor new hired QAs for process and problem solving. Provide coverage for production manager while PM is out of office. 

    10. Provide adequate coverage and be in attendance as required by company policy and as necessary to complete the orders on time. Ensures clean confirmation samples are signed by the responsible head office project manager and that all articles are kept in the assigned factory and updated as necessary.


    • College graduate or above.
    • 4+ years in a footwear factory in a manufacturing or technical role, or previous experience with a supplier to the Footwear Industry.
    • Good communication  in English  (verbal & written)
    • A good ability to use the computer, making reports and emails writings 
    • Good analytical skill
    • Pro-active, a problem solver and self-initiative
    • Hard working, willingness to learn, improve and honest
    • High attention to detail
    • Willing to travel for business requirement and ability to relocate to other provinces for working (Quảng Ninh, Hưng Yên, Ninh Bình, Nam Định etc…)


    Ms Phuong

    read more

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