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Outsourcing - Project Management

First Recruitment Asia is more than just a recruitment company – we are able to act as a true business partner, offering comprehensive and specificall...


First Recruitment Asia is more than just a recruitment company – we are able to act as a true business partner, offering comprehensive and specificall...

Candidate Attraction

First Recruitment Asia is one of the most recognisable brand names in recruitment. We combine our global reach and in-depth local knowledge to provide...


FirstRecruitment Asia offers a number of unique characteristics that define us as one of the leading specialist recruitment consultancies in the worl...

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Finance Services

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Payroll & Staffing

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Executive Search & Selection

Deep Industry Knowledge We are the “insiders” who maintain strong networks and stay closely attuned to industry trends. Our knowledge is your power....

  • National Field Operation Manager - Consumer Services
    IndustriesConsumer Services
    Salary$1,500 - $2,500 or Negotiate
    Job TypeContract
    LocationViet Nam

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Manage the project managers in 3 regions & operation supervisors/warehouse keepers nationwide.
    • Be the key drivers to manage & implement the event & brand activation campaigns nationwide
    • Report directly to Business Unit Director for the result of field operation department.
    • Participate in company Committees and Task Forces as assigned.
    • Detailed scope of work is as follow:

    Project Implementation:

    • Co-ordinate with account department to understand the campaign details before making planning & execute them with your team nationwide.
    • All the information, mechanism of brand activation & event details must be debriefed & execution plan must be gone through with project managers, operation supervisors in region to ensure good quality of execution & achieve the project KPI.
    • Monitor the execution team & make sure that all are properly executed as briefed
    • Go for site-check to ensure that the campaign rolls out as planned
    • Solve the issues arising (if any)
    • Check & deliver the report in time.

    Cost, production & logistic management:

    • Manage the project cost effectively.
    • Enrich the pool of suppliers nationwide with best cost.
    • All the materials, project items must be managed tightly, avoid the loss or damage by relevant stake holders.
    • Lead the team to manage the logistics effectively; avoid the late kickoff….

    Warehouse & material management:

    • Be responsible for the performance of warehouse keeper.
    • Set up the system to manage all the materials, items in warehouse.
    • Inventory must be checked & managed well along the time including regional warehouse & temp warehouse in the provinces.


    • 5-year experience in activation & event agency, at least 3-year experience at the same role.
    • Experience of Production, Logistics, Procurement of Brand Activation Materials (Booths, Printing Materials, T-shirts, Equipments…)
    • Experience in working with Retailers/Supermarkets, Suppliers, Clients
    • Good interpersonal skill
    • Good at English
    • Can-do attitude
    • Work independently & under high pressure

    Packages & Remuneration:

    • Monthly Basic Salary (Net) : Competitive
    • 13th month Salary                 : Yes
    • Transportation                       : per the company policy
    • Accommodation                  : per the company policy
    • Others                                   : per the company policy

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

    read more
  • Technical Engineer - Footwear
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHải Phòng


    • Competitive salary and attractive benefits packages
    • Career development
    • Good working environment
    • Health and Accident insurance for employee and family
    • Company outing and other interesting staff activities

    Essential Job Functions & Core Accountabilities

    • To continue learning from the Commercialization team the engineering role in the company and be able to support in the Asia product creation process from bulk sample review onwards. Be able to support the product development team during initial stages of development and work with factory pattern and tooling engineers in converting initial design renderings into successful and profitably commercialized product including working with local last makers during new last development. Review blue prints and other drawings to ensure accuracy and functionality of mold details and review wooden models and upper patterns to ensure design integrity all in cooperation with Asia Development Team.
    • Be able to review the engineering information, ensure its accuracy and take part in meetings when key engineering subjects are under review.
    • Continue to increase your knowledge and become able to demonstrate an awareness of and engage in all phases of the company product process. Be able to support the development team in ensuring that projects are proven and tested, completed on time, are manufacturable, meet design intent, performance, costing and sustainability goals. 
    • Constantly review and evaluate the project status with your Manager and keep them continually in the loop regarding issues which may take the project outside of its predetermined track.
    • Continually improve your footwear technical skills to achieve project objectives and communicate any deviation from the projected course with the Asian developer and your supervisor.
    • Take on the principal commercialization role as the product moves from T1 through T4 stages of development and into full scale manufacturing ensuring that the Asian and Portland teams are fully updated on the progress.
    • See new models into production and follow their progress during the initial two weeks of production.

    Core Competencies

    • Bachelors degree in a technical, engineering, or industrial design field.
    • 5-7 years footwear experience in a footwear engineering discipline or product creation with a global brand
    • Some understanding of the principles of pattern engineering, costing, quality implications, model making, part drawings, and manufacturing processes.
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.
    • Demonstrated skill in problem solving and results orientation.


    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

    read more
  • Quality Auditor Team Leader - Footwear
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHải Phòng


    • Competitive salary and attractive benefits packages
    • Career development
    • Good working environment
    • Health and Accident insurance for employee and family
    • Company outing and other interesting staff activities


    1. Ensure company quality standards are being satisfied through the use of high quality materials and correct or agreed upon production processes. Inspects a reference sample of all incoming materials to confirm article and colour match the approved standards prior to production. Monitors factory to confirm all laboratory material testing is performed prior to production as specified by company and that results meet company quality standards.

    2. Monitor the daily process by means of the P.O. Status Report and report to your Manager any deviations from the plan and conduct final Inspections to ensure company quality standards are maintained. Records of all inspections should be up to date and complete.

    3. Communicate factory and quality issues to your manager and appropriate factory personnel as they occur and make follow up checks to ensure corrective action has been taken.

    4. Create a file for each model that has been allocated to you and keep it updated daily for use by all members of the team. Monitor all packing and labelling according to the company standards and special customer requirements.

    5. Should monitor health and safety issues during inspections of factory lines etc and report to your manager any dangerous work areas by completing the form supplied on a monthly basis.

    On a daily basis take note of the following items as you walk thru the factory.

    1. The wearing of masks in areas of solvent use
    2. The wearing of ear plugs in noisy regions.
    3. Ensure machine guards are performing function.
    4. Check electrical contacts are in good condition.
    5. Factory and passageways should be kept clean and free of obstructions.
    6. Fire extinguisher check
    7. First Aid box check

    6. Attend T4 Production Trials to familiarize yourself with the technical issues relating to each model and working with the Technical Engineer establish standards for each process and each model. RunT4 trials for tech difficulty when required with full report to direct manager for the T4 meeting.

    7. Collect samples of production materials and shoes from the production line daily for test and ensure results are in line with company requirements.

    8. Carry out daily check of B and C grades and report to Technical Engineer and factory personnel any issues that have arisen and make follow up inspections to ensure problems have been solved.

    9. Coach and mentor new hired QAs for process and problem solving. Provide coverage for production manager while PM is out of office. 

    10. Provide adequate coverage and be in attendance as required by company policy and as necessary to complete the orders on time. Ensures clean confirmation samples are signed by the responsible head office project manager and that all articles are kept in the assigned factory and updated as necessary.


    • College graduate or above.
    • 4+ years in a footwear factory in a manufacturing or technical role, or previous experience with a supplier to the Footwear Industry.
    • Good communication  in English  (verbal & written)
    • A good ability to use the computer, making reports and emails writings 
    • Good analytical skill
    • Pro-active, a problem solver and self-initiative
    • Hard working, willingness to learn, improve and honest
    • High attention to detail
    • Willing to travel for business requirement and ability to relocate to other provinces for working (Quảng Ninh, Hưng Yên, Ninh Bình, Nam Định etc…)


    Ms Phuong

    read more
  • Digital Content Planner - Marketing & Advertising
    IndustriesMarketing & Advertising
    Salary$1,200 - $1,500 + good benefit or negotiate
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Job title: Digital Content Planner

    Salary: $1,200 - $1,500 + good benefit or negotiate

    Working: Ho Chi Minh


    • Working in dynamic and friendly environment
    • Growing business
    • Once employee have passed probation and signed labour contract
    • 16 annual leave per year
    • 13th month salary
    • Year-end bonus base on performance and business result
    • Annual health check
    • Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance (Vietnamese Law)
    • Insurance benefit package 
    • Mobile phone fee allowance base on company’s policy
    • Participate in company’s event, company trip
    • Participate in company’s training programs, self-studying program 
    • Salary reviewed annually


    • Review and map existing social media / website / KOL content strategy and work internally to assure a messaging plan that incorporates best practices, and enterprise goals particularly as it pertains to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the company blog. This includes the strategic use of post to promote and other audience building tools.
    • Draft, review and submit social media content for Facebook and other digital platforms.
    • Work with web designer to develop graphical content for inclusion on the social media platforms in order to drive audience engagement.
    • Create and/or support the development of video in support of brand messaging for social media channels. This includes acting as the producer for micro video content.


    • 2-3 years experience working in a digital agency setting in a similar capacity.
    • Resourcefulness and a do-er attitude.
    • Strong digital writing and editing skills.
    • Understanding of SEO insights and translating them into content ideas.
    • Basic understanding of HTML, Javascript and CSS
    • Basic ability to operate hand-held video camera equipment.
    • Ability to manage several projects simultaneously with challenging deadlines
    • Ability to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders.
    • Basic command of photo-editing software.

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

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  • Marketing Communications Director - Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
    IndustriesElectrical & Electronic Manufacturing
    SalarySalary : $7,000 - $10,000 + good benefit or negotiate
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Position: Marketing Communications Director

    Salary : $7,000 - $10,000 + good benefit or negotiate

    Working : HCMC

    Report to : Global VP Marketing President

    Number of direct Subordinator : 4-6

    Leading the business : 02 countries

    Scope of work

    • developing, implementing, measuring and improving country campaigns targeted at key decision makers, influencers and partners
    • Lead with extending measured awareness, share of voice and preference by delivering strategically sound and tactically superior
    • targeted markets using all available and appropriate media.
    • supposed to continuously integrate, implement and enrich global marketing processes across all businesses and local markets.


    • University Degree in Business school (or other similar Marketing Education)
    • At least 10 year experience in Marketing and/or Communications
    • Prefer to work for MNCs or famous local communications group, including agency.
    • Public relations and trade marketing experiences are advantages.
    • Understanding of multi –culture markets with various business models
    • Customer insights/Lead management/ KPIs oriented.
    • Interested in technical products and solutions.
    • Strong interpersonal and social skills resulting in the ability to guide and inspire teams
    • Good written and spoken English
    • Willing to work in a multifunction team and able to work with other global teams
    • Open to change and must embrace the concept of continuous improvement


    • Develop and manage end-to-end marketing plan encompassing digital, events, telemarketing, customer marketing, and social media that aligns with global campaigns, regional field marketing objectives, and sales plays in direct support of business pipeline requirements
    • Leading the Strategic Marketing; to support Local Business Unit head to allocate and control marketing communication budgets by customer segments.
    • Develop and implement an integrated local tactical marketing communication plan based on strategic guidance and local market needs in order to boost sales.
    • To develop, manage and execute the integrated communication plan based on Global Marketing guidelines incl. Figure of Merit (FOM) and country/cluster objectives - ensuring that Global Marketing principles and processes are followed in the country/cluster.
    • Leverage lead-management best practices from campaign set-up through lead flow in Sales development.
    • Plan and manage marketing events, including tradeshows, webinars, customer forums, user groups, and partner universities; includes partnering with external agencies as needed.
    • To work closely with local Business Unit lead, local product marketing, local field marketing team to build up and deploy Integrated Marketing Plan ( one and three year plan).

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

    read more
  • HR Manager, South East Asia - Human Resources
    IndustriesHuman Resources
    Salary$4,000 - $5,000 + good benefit or negotiate
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Position : HR Manager, South East Asia

    Salary : $4,000 - $5,000 + good benefit or negotiate

    Report to : Regional HR Director, Asia

    Working Location: HCM city, Vietnam

    Our client is a global leader in branded apparel, footwear, accessories and equipments for Sportwear brands and its products are sold in more than 100 countries, earned an international reputation for innovation, quality and performance. Seeking a high calibre professional to join our Asian HR Team, based atHo Chi Minh, Vietnam.


    • Site leadership HR interface: Coach leadership in matters relating to people, HR processes, employment practices, HR programs and corresponding impact on the business.
    • Recruitment and Staffing : Participates in the talent acquisition process from collecting specific job requirements, preparing and posting job advertisements, sourcing (both passive and direct), screening and interviewing candidates in collaboration with the Hiring Managers.
    • Employee Compensation : Manage the local payroll administration and employee compensation matters.
    • Partners with corporate/Regional HR to drive the annual salary administration process for the business unit.
    • Works closely with the compensation team on compensation analysis for promotions and job leveling and etc.
    • Employee Benefit: Manages all employee benefit programs and recommends plan design changes and improvements with a goal of continuously improving cost to benefit ratio.
    • Communicates value and content of benefit programs to employees and ensures programs comply with all legal requirements.
    • Oversee ongoing benefit administration with focus on efficient administration and exceptional customer service.
    • Work closely with external brokers to evaluate programs, utilization, and rates.
    • Performance Management: Develops strategies to maximize employee/organizational performance and goal attainment.
    • Provides training to management on performance management systems to ensure annual performance goals are established and annual reviews are conducted.
    • Talent Development : Partners with the leadership teams to create development and succession plans to support the overall business goals.
    • Works with Site Leaders and Regional Human Resources to implement the HR initiatives and programs, and has on-going accountability for managing these programs according to country and corporate design.
    • It will involve the substantial partnership with regional L&D in developing the training program, tools and resources.
    • Employee productivity and engagement: Collaborates with business managers on analysis and roll-out of employee survey results including follow-up on identifying and addressing survey issues.
    • Develops ideas to enhance the work environment, improve employee engagement, and strengthen employee relations.
    • Employee relationship: Responds to employee relations’ issues by counseling employees/management on personnel policies and work related problems.
    • Works in a problem solving capacity to resolve issues and continuously improve Sportswear’s overall employee morale. It also include the organize the employee relationship activities and team building
    • HR planning and reporting : Coordinates headcount planning, budgeting, and implementation of training programs for managers and leaders in the organization.
    • Generates management information reports (turnover, recruitment, headcount budget, salary budget, etc.) as and when required.
    • Site ambassador for corporate and regional HR program : Participate in Corporate and Regional HR Projects covering all aspects including all site briefing sessions.

    Minimum Educational/Experience Requirements:

    • Degree in Human Resources or equivalent related field.
    • Minimum 10 years’ HR experience in multi-national organization covering recruitment & Selection,
    • compensation & Benefit, talent development and employee relationship. Experience in supervision is necessary.
    • Solid Knowledge in current and proposed legislation and regulations affecting all areas of personnel administration.
    • Effective and influential communication skill with proficiency level in English
    • Strong sense of ownership and work independently with remote reporting line.
    • Logical, have business acumen and can demonstrate HR consulting skill with the senior level. S
    • elf-starter and driver for good quality of work.
    • Strategic /re-engineering mindset and capable to interpret the complex situation and work out the effective recommendation for management review.
    • Positive and open mind to adopt new ideas and suggestions for improvement
    • This role is required to travel within Asia at reasonable frequency

    We offer competitive compensation package include 5-days work, comprehensive medical insurance and rewarding career opportunities.

    To learn more, please contact me for a detail information.

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

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  • Commercial Excellent Manager - Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
    IndustriesElectrical & Electronic Manufacturing
    Salary$7,000 - $10,000 + good benefit or negotiate
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHo Chi Minh City


    Salary : $7,000 - $10,000 + good benefit or negotiate

    Report : Commercial Director –Expatriate

    Working : Ho Chi Minh City

    Our client is seeking for a new COMMERCIAL EXCELLENT MANAGER; leading Vietnam and supporting Cambodia and Myanmar

    Main Responsibilities:

    Lead our commercial transformation (Key Accounts management, channel coverage, ...), define and support our local strategy and identify significant trends impacting our future business (Market, Competition, Process, etc), and make insightful recommendations to improve our performances.

    • Define and facilitate our Key accounts selection and performance while ensuring that proper resources are in place
    • Review and facilitate our channel coverage and saturation by leading key internal initiatives
    • Build and maintain solid Business Intelligence to support our company strategy and provide visibility of the market
    • Lead new initiatives to improve the entity performance and efficiency when covering multiple departments
    • Review, refresh and lead our commercial transformation to improve Sales and Marketing Excellence with a focus on End User and Channel optimization
    • Lead and facilitate our marketing plans
    • Lead and ensure proper follow up and results on key initiatives to saturate our End Users and Channel
    • Lead and support our Sales and Marketing competencies focus

    Internal Relation :

    • Operations: Marketing and sales
    • Business Unit:Business Development
    • Global Functions:
      • + Global Marketing: Marketing Analysis, Data Analytics
      • + IPO
      • + Global Supply Chain

    External Relation:

    • Customers : End users, Channels, Partners
    • Consultants
    • All external and relevant events
    • Competitors
    • Outside vendors


    • Bachelor or Master degree, marketing profile preferred
    • Strong technical knowledge of current direct response & social techniques, strategies, and trends.
    • Strong analytical ability, organizational skills and project management skills

    For more the information please contact our consultant:  

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

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  • General Admin & Receptionist - Manufacturing / Logistics
    IndustriesManufacturing / Logistics
    Salary$700 - $800 + good benefit or negotiate
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Position : General Admin & Receptionist

    Salary: $700 - $800 + good benefit or negotiate

    Report : HR & Admin Team Leader

    Working : District 1, HCMC


    Office facilities: control/ follow up schedule and make payment for:

    • Stationery/Name card/ Staff card/ Envelop
    • Pantry/Drinking water/Tree decoration: order and follow up schedule
    • Control Mobile/internet fee/electricity + make Mobile list
    • Office maintenance and renovation (if any)
    • Rental apartment/ office/ cleaner: contract & payment

    Manage Office 3S

    - Bookings for company: follow up schedule, control expenses and make payment for:

    • Booking Air ticket/hotel for staff
    • Booking and managing Company car/rental car
    • Booking restaurant/hall according to company schedule
    • Manage meeting room schedule: check/approve and follow up MTG rooms
    • Parking space registration/cancellation for newcomers/resigned staff
    • Taxi card registration/cancellation for newcomers/resigned staff.

    - Office documents: manage and follow up

    • Visa, passport, work permit, notarization of legal documents, update changes of IC with Tax Dept.
    • Manage stamp, follow up contract, legal documents

    Proposal, claim expenses & other admin jobs for General Director & General Manager.

    Monthly payment of Administration: control expenses and make payment on system.

    - Other assigned by head/supervisor


    Answer phone, Welcome guest, Prepare drinking water, Take note complaints of customers.

    - Manage mail in – mail out: receive mail in and send to staff, contact to vendor to send mail out.


    • University Graduation – BA at least.
    • English: proficiency level, especially Listening – Speaking (must)
    • Preferable: Administration background
    • Experience in General Admin: from 1 years up .
    • Good at Microsoft word, Excel Skill
    • Problem solving, well- organized, good time management
    • Personality: clever, smart, carefully, service attitude
    • Able to prioritize and multi-task
    • Ability to succeed in a high-pressured, fast paced environment

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

    read more
  • Java Developer - Insurance
    SalaryNegotiate + good benefit
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Job title:  Java Developer

    Position: 03 Java Developers

    Location : Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Industry:  Insurance


    • Experience - 1–3 years
    • Front-end
    • Java Script (ECMA 5+)
    • TypeScript (most preferable)
    • HTML/CSS 3 (Prefer: SASS knowledges)
    • Angular 2+ (Prefer Angular 5)
    • Nodejs (basic knowledge)
    • Back-end
      • Java 1.8
      • Junit 4
      • JSP/Servlet 3.0
      • Spring boot 1.5+ (preferable): Spring Data Rest, Spring Data JPA, Spring ecurity
      • EST API (prefer knowledges of level 3 API 

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

    read more
  • Product Manager - Pharmaceuticals
    Job TypeContract
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Job title: Product Manager


    • Minimum 3-5 years relevant experience with a multinational organization
    • Demonstrable medical marketing experience gained in FMCG, Consumer Health, Aesthetics and Pharmaceutical markets
    • Sound experience and knowledge of Vietnam healthcare industry, having worked with Health Care Professionals as well as previous experience of relationship management within the GPs and hospitals.
    • Experienced in planning & implementing digital, media and e-marketing activities.
    • Knowledge of relevant healthcare practices, codes of conduct, policies and how these impact marketing plans
    • Ability to build good relationships and challenge constructively and confidently
    • Strong conceptual and analytical skills with ability to develop strategies, tactics and measurable implementation in line with opportunities and changes within the market
    • Insightful, with the ability to consolidate complex information, interpret & construct straightforward plans.
    • Ability to work on complex projects with a good understanding of medical terminology
    • Ambitious and keen to take on responsibility in an organization that provides a high level of autonomy and individual responsibility.
    • Ability to challenge the status quo and propose improvement.
    • Tenacious and resilient, driven to achieve even when faced with obstacles
    • Leadership and interpersonal skills capable of building strong working relationships and influencing external stakeholders, academics, healthcare professionals and internal teams
    • Strong commercial understanding of business issues/opportunities balanced with a deep understanding of the GP, hospital and changing healthcare environment

    For more information please contact our consultant:

    Ms Phuong

    Ms Susan

    read more

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