Job type: 
Expired date: 
Saturday, September 30, 2017

Requirement: female only, under 40

Education: Bachelor

Industry: Education

Salary: USD 2,500 net or Negotiation

Job type: Contract

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Job Requirements:

  • Experience in Salses and customer service
  • Strong communication, pleasant manner, resposible
  • Experience in solving problems such as client’s request and other local authority matters,…  at the campus
  • Ability in operating different departments at  the campus.
  • Managing campus operation: security and purchasing equipments, facilities at the campus.
  • Establish business plan and budget management in order to efficently control expense used.
  • Working in shift

Others (e.g. language skills):

  • Strong interpersonal and social skills resulting in the ability to guide and inspire teams
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Open to change and must embrace the concept of continuous improvement 


Ms Phuong


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