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Monday, May 14, 2018

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performance Management
  • Research, design and development of new software solutions,
    • Development of existing software solutions by resolving software enhancements,
    • Maintenance of existing software solutions by resolving software defects,
    • Investigation and resolution of client issues raised by support,
    • Provide high quality solutions to meet client expectations and requirements,
    • Work with a multitude of software development languages and technologies,
    • Work closely with other staff, such as product managers, technical team leaders, quality assurance analysts, sales and marketing professionals,
    • Consult with clients/colleagues for clarification of requirements, design and/or implementation details,
    • Problem solve and think laterally,
    • Work as part of a team and individually, to meet the needs of the project.


  • Strong communication skills - written and verbal
  • Ability to work in an extremely fast paced environment
  • Self motivated
  • Driven to perform above and beyond the requirements of the role
  • Passion for software development and technology
  • Strong sense of efficiency
  • Innovative problem solver
  • Ability to adapt to new software development tools, technologies and methodologies

Education and Experience:

  • At least a graduate of BS Computer Science or Mathematics from any reputable school.
  • 1+ years commercial experience programming with C# .NET
  • 1+ years commercial experience programming rich client applications
  • 3-5 years commercial experience in software development
  • Experience in OO design and UML modelling
  • Exposure to database design practices
  • Exposure to design patterns
  • Exposure to good coding practices
  • Exposure to architectural design

For more the information please contact our consultant:

Ms Phuong ext 113

Ms Susan ext 111


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