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Business Development Manager - Common
Job TypePermanent


Market analyses from the date here of

(a)    To present analysis of the opportunities of the Market, including: 

             o   Volume

             o   Product profile and packaging

             o   Price and pricing structure through the value chain

             o   Competitive analysis

             o   Sales channel

             o   National coverage

(b)    To present a clear summary of company‘s positioning in the Market (SWOT analyses)

(c)     Propose the mid-term plan (3 – 5 years) of sales plan to improve company’s  positioning in the Market

              o   Evolution of volume, revenue 

              o   Appropriate product mix to be developed for the market

              o   Appropriate marketing plan and operating plan to be  implemented

After the market analyses - Development of company’s business in Thailand

(a)    Be responsible for establishing the annual sales budget in volume and revenue

              o   Liaise with the Distributor to establish the annual budget to be in line with the mid-term plan

              o   Propose and liaise with the Distributor to implement the annual operating plan in the Market

          §  Product launch and communication around the product

          §  Training plan with the technical service team

          §  Promotion and advertisement

          §  Set up the incentive program for/with the distributor

          §  Measure the impact of the promotion & advertisement action

(b)   Any other services in relation to the development of company’s business in the Market that company and the Services Provider may agree from time to time.



a.       Degree: Bachelor degree up

b.       Experience:

  • Minimum of 3-5 years of B2B sales experience are required; B2B  lubricants industry sales experience is preferred
  • Good in business planning
  • High responsibility, honesty and being able to work under high pressure

Contact: Ms Lieu

  •  Email:
  • Tel: (+848) 3915 4343 ext 116
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