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Outsourcing - Project Management

First Recruitment Asia is more than just a recruitment company – we are able to act as a true business partner, offering comprehensive and specificall...


First Recruitment Asia is more than just a recruitment company – we are able to act as a true business partner, offering comprehensive and specificall...

Candidate Attraction

First Recruitment Asia is one of the most recognisable brand names in recruitment. We combine our global reach and in-depth local knowledge to provide...


FirstRecruitment Asia offers a number of unique characteristics that define us as one of the leading specialist recruitment consultancies in the worl...

Recruitment & Hunting Services

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Graduate job seekers

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Salary Advice

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Finance Services

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Payroll & Staffing

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Executive Search & Selection

Deep Industry Knowledge We are the “insiders” who maintain strong networks and stay closely attuned to industry trends. Our knowledge is your power....

  • Strategic Finance Planning Director cum CFO - Financial Services
    IndustriesFinancial Services
    SalaryNegotiate + good benefit
    Job TypePermanent
    LocationHo Chi Minh City

    Job Responsibilities

    • Demonstrate expertise in cash flow analysis, investment strategy, financial planning, income protection, asset protection, and finance strategy.
    • To provide in-depth insight into the nuances of strategic financial planning and the innovative planning tools and resources that advisors utilize to deliver holistic advice to internal management.
    • Collaborate effectively with local management Team to prioritize financial planning engagements
    • Assist Business Department Head with supporting and consulting to articulate the financial goals in line with Company business Strategy.
    • Facilitate business growth by driving client loyalty and compliance.
    • Work closely with other department Business head to provide the corporate sophisticated solutions into the client's financial picture
    • Drive goals-based wealth management strategy with Financial Advisors and their clients
    • Deliver exemplary service and financial guidance to clients, including the recommendation of suitable investments and proposed financial strategies
    • Comply with all regulatory requirements, including licensing and registrations.
    • Complete proprietary training in securities planning disciplines,financial investment strategies, and product suitability.

    Must Haves:

    • 5+ years management in finance or relevant industry.
    • Experience contributing to strategic cash flow analysis, investment strategy, financial planning, income protection, asset protection mângement.
    • Well-Understanding of specific finance industry & client objectives.
    • Experience solving complex problems with data planning and management.
    • Experience working with cross-functional teams, stakeholder business management .
    • Track record of influencing behavior at a variety of levels in the organization, including cross-functional managers.
    • Great Communication and presentation skills.
    • Flexible team player who thrives in a fast-paced, often working environment and teamwork spirit.


    • Master/ Bachelor of Finance or relevant degree preferred.

    For more the information please contact Ms Susan:

    • Email: susan.ho@firstrecruitment-asia.com
    • Tel: 028 3915 4343
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  • Assistant Sourcing Manager, Apparel. - Business Supplies & Equipment
    IndustriesBusiness Supplies & Equipment
    SalaryNegotiate + good benefit
    Job TypePermanent
    LocationHo Chi Minh City


    • Study and understand sourcing tactics/need of the business.
    • Industry and market intelligence reports especially on apparel manufacturing sector.
    • Scout and propose suitable suppliers from South East Asia region and beyond, for multiple brands and product categories.
    • Assess and propose suitable suppliers from other continents, onshoring and nearshoring.
    • Potential supplier assessment, including but not limited to initial costing and technicality capability studies.
    • Sourcing parameter negotiation.
    • Support sourcing strategy formulation.
    • Support vendor commercial management.
    • Ad hoc activities assigned by manager.

    Key stakeholders:

      • Global Sourcing team
      • Other teams under Global Supply Chain, e.g. Operations and CR
      • Brand and Product team, Active
      • APAC leadership team
      • External vendors, current and potential, multiple tiers
      • Pentland Shared Services
      • Pentland Legal team


    • Degree holder.
    • Analytical thinker.
    • Sound knowledge in sourcing strategy interpretation, business case build and implementation, commercial sense in active / apparel industry.
    • Deep and broad knowledge in sourcing (multiple tiers) for areas in Asia and beyond.
    • Grasp of supply chain and sourcing market intelligence in global scale, especially tariff/duty landscape across different Asian countries with major importing countries in the world.
    • Work experience in global scale company, preferable brand management related, with strong cultural sensitivity and awareness.
    • Work experience in matrix organization environment, able to work with internal cross functional teams and external vendors.
    • Thorough understanding of manufacturing business model and operation is a bonus to have.
    • Proficiency in English.

    For more the information please contact Ms Susan:

    • Email: susan.ho@firstrecruitment-asia.com
    • Tel: 028 3915 4343
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