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Sunday, March 31, 2019

POSITION: M&A Legal Director

Report to: CEO


Task 1: Review documents, relevant legal issues supporting project development:

  • Review and provide legal documents of the project to executive / department / group levels;
  • Research and prepare legal procedures for each project accordingly;
  • Negotiating, preparing and drafting information security agreements, memorandums, principle agreements, agreements / contracts with land use right owners / partners / suppliers;
  • Project establishment and operation;
  • Follow the implementation process and legal advice to solve arising problems.

Task 2: Analyzing legal issues related to business M&A:

2.1. Analyzing legal issues:

  • Developing a legal model to support the evaluation of opportunities and potentials to carry out M&A transactions.
  • Working directly with the Finance & Accounting Department and the internal legal review team to develop directional data models to provide an accurate, comprehensive view of the financial aspects of the target company. These models will also be included in operational plans.

2.2. Build and work in Legal & Business‐related transactions:

  • Collaborate directly with an outside law firm or assist in developing stages of conducting each trade transaction (such as market analysis, appropriate strategy, economic model setup, and Integrated planning) and work directly with all stakeholders in the transaction, including executives.

2.3. Prepare and provide legal review results of target companies:

  • Prepare and provide legal documents for investors to conduct a review of the target company or
  • Prepare and provide detailed legal review results for business acquiring companies. This requires high concentration and effective working interaction with the directors of target companies, investment banks, external financial and legal consulting firms, and team leader of internal audit team of the company.

2.4. Manage the process of making, drafting and negotiating sales contracts for goods trading:

  • Negotiate, review and draft sales contracts and / or documents for transactions with the buyer / seller of goods;
  • Collaborate and work with foreign lawyers, consultants, and companies to evaluate / modify sales contracts and / or regulatory sources;
  • Monitor the process of contract performance and fulfill the obligations of the parties in the contract;
  • Provide legal advice to resolve issues related to the project / property purchased after completing the transaction.

Task 3: Identify legal risks, contract negotiation and dispute resolution

3.1. Determining legal risks:

  • Review and give advice related to bidding documents.
  • Review and follow up lawsuits and give legal advice accordingly.
  • Working with relevant departments / groups / companies to ensure that when identifying legal risks, it will quickly implement appropriate solutions to limit risks.
  • Providing legal barriers to protection and special risk management in contracts.
  • Provide interpretation of legal regulations, conduct training and dissemination of legal regulations to meet the requirements of employees

3.2. Contract Negotiation

  • Review all contracts / agreements and other documents that the Group has committed to assess potential legal effects that need to be noted in the transaction process.
  • Prepare, review and modify contracts to support the business activities of the group;
  • Negotiate, review and draft documents for business transactions and prepare and advise on necessary work that needs to be done to ensure timely information is provided.

3.3. Advice on dispute resolution

  • Legal advice for companies to resolve disputes with partners / customers;
  • Review the procedural process for important lawsuits and work regularly with outside lawyers.

Task 4: Review and advise on legal issues related to development policy:

  • Review and advise potential legal issues related to the policies and internal processes of the group.
  • Review internal policies and ensure compliance with the provisions of law.

Task 5: Manage employees and support other departments in legal matters

  • Effective leadership and management of employees and the legal team of the corporation.
  • Assisting the team leader of internal / group review and other internal departments including: working with

a) Corporate shareholders regarding strategies, business activities, financial and success issues math, working with legal experts and other employees

b) Target companies

c) External legal, management and financial advice

d) Investment banks and other objects of the transaction


  • Knowledge of commercial law and business administration
  • Knowledge of real estate industry is an advantage
  • Candidates have experiences in the fields of investment, real estate, experience of M&A will be prioritized.
  • Candidates who have law practicing certificate will be prioritized.


  • Employee, time and project management skills
  • Problem‐solving skills
  • Proficient in English & MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ...)
  • Good communication, confidence, good presentation
  • Ability to work independently, interact and coordinate well
  • Ability to observe, judge, analyze, synthesize

For more information please contact our consultant:

Mr. Vlad

  • 02839154343 ext 116

Ms. Phuong

  • 02839154343 ext 114

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