$1,000 - 1,500 or Negotiate + good benefit
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Sunday, July 21, 2019


  • Develop and maintain all HR procedure, policies, employee handbook.
  • Develop and update of Job Description of all Departments.
  • Conduct internal training and external training based on plan.
  • Supervise C&B administration, update the Government law, market related to salary, Social insurance, do the PIT finalization every year. Consult to Board of Director on the market trend so that the company will have a competitive reward.
  • Conduct yearly performance evaluation and process competency gap analysis for career development and training development.
  • Handle and resolve any employee grievances.
  • Do HR reports as Manager’s request.
  • Manage all licenses for the company such as: Investment license, printing license, etc..
  • Manage suppliers, vendor contract and quality of service.
  • Control office machines, budget, and maintenance service.


  • Communication in English
  • Competency in all MS office applications and other related software
  • Competency in organizational skill and ability to respect confidential information
  • Good teamwork



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