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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Job title: Server & System Administrator

Working: Ho Chi Minh

Salary: $800-$1,500

  • Response to Incident/Request and provide solution as 2nd tier support

  • Control, Manage and Create Change Request that align with INDG policy

  • Configure and Investigate for Server and VM in OS up to Infra level

  • Perform daily monitoring for Server HW and VM status

  • Manage and Perform MS Security patches for Server and Computer to ensure it up-to-date

  • Ensure Antivirus engine is running properly for all Servers and Computers

  • Ensure Backup system is running and operate success as policy defined

  • Centralize manage Server Backup policy

  • Provide support related to Telephony system

  •  Ensure Server HW and VM list is properly recorded in Inventory System

  •  Provision VM and install SCCC standard software

  •  Prepare Server Performance and Usage report, submit to IT manager

You can apply at:
For more information please contact our consultant:

Mr. Duy

  • 02839154343 ext 115

Ms. Phuong

  • 02839154343 ext 114

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