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Quality Auditor Team Leader - Footwear
Job TypeContract
LocationHải Phòng


  • Competitive salary and attractive benefits packages
  • Career development
  • Good working environment
  • Health and Accident insurance for employee and family
  • Company outing and other interesting staff activities


1. Ensure company quality standards are being satisfied through the use of high quality materials and correct or agreed upon production processes. Inspects a reference sample of all incoming materials to confirm article and colour match the approved standards prior to production. Monitors factory to confirm all laboratory material testing is performed prior to production as specified by company and that results meet company quality standards.

2. Monitor the daily process by means of the P.O. Status Report and report to your Manager any deviations from the plan and conduct final Inspections to ensure company quality standards are maintained. Records of all inspections should be up to date and complete.

3. Communicate factory and quality issues to your manager and appropriate factory personnel as they occur and make follow up checks to ensure corrective action has been taken.

4. Create a file for each model that has been allocated to you and keep it updated daily for use by all members of the team. Monitor all packing and labelling according to the company standards and special customer requirements.

5. Should monitor health and safety issues during inspections of factory lines etc and report to your manager any dangerous work areas by completing the form supplied on a monthly basis.

On a daily basis take note of the following items as you walk thru the factory.

  1. The wearing of masks in areas of solvent use
  2. The wearing of ear plugs in noisy regions.
  3. Ensure machine guards are performing function.
  4. Check electrical contacts are in good condition.
  5. Factory and passageways should be kept clean and free of obstructions.
  6. Fire extinguisher check
  7. First Aid box check

6. Attend T4 Production Trials to familiarize yourself with the technical issues relating to each model and working with the Technical Engineer establish standards for each process and each model. RunT4 trials for tech difficulty when required with full report to direct manager for the T4 meeting.

7. Collect samples of production materials and shoes from the production line daily for test and ensure results are in line with company requirements.

8. Carry out daily check of B and C grades and report to Technical Engineer and factory personnel any issues that have arisen and make follow up inspections to ensure problems have been solved.

9. Coach and mentor new hired QAs for process and problem solving. Provide coverage for production manager while PM is out of office. 

10. Provide adequate coverage and be in attendance as required by company policy and as necessary to complete the orders on time. Ensures clean confirmation samples are signed by the responsible head office project manager and that all articles are kept in the assigned factory and updated as necessary.


  • College graduate or above.
  • 4+ years in a footwear factory in a manufacturing or technical role, or previous experience with a supplier to the Footwear Industry.
  • Good communication  in English  (verbal & written)
  • A good ability to use the computer, making reports and emails writings 
  • Good analytical skill
  • Pro-active, a problem solver and self-initiative
  • Hard working, willingness to learn, improve and honest
  • High attention to detail
  • Willing to travel for business requirement and ability to relocate to other provinces for working (Quảng Ninh, Hưng Yên, Ninh Bình, Nam Định etc…)


Ms Phuong

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Quality Systems Manager - Footwear
Salary$2,000 - $3,500 + good benefit or negotiate
Job TypePermanent
LocationHo Chi Minh City
  • Salary $2,000 - $3,500 + good benefit or negotiate
  • 13th month salary & performance bonus
  • Competitive salary and attractive benefits packages
  • Learning & development opportunities
  • Joyful staff activities events
  • Premium health care insurance plan for employee and family

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Lead in the development, training and implementation of a quality system assessment and accreditation program(s).
  • Work to communicate company quality assurance strategy that works to drive continuous improvement efforts within the manufacturing community.
  • Build a culture that promotes quality and innovative thinking. Foster commitment to continuous improvement and process calibration across the internal and external quality system management landscape.
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders and design quality processes within region that work to drive reliability in manufacturing.

Secondary Functions:

  • Participate and add value in Regional LO projects as required which impacts delivery of quality, safety and risk management.
  • Leverage quality performance metrics while providing feedback to internal partners to support and influence sourcing decision making. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Scope:

  • Job involves dealing with moderate to high degree of complexity.
  • Incumbent is an Individual contributor for developing Quality Systems Management Process, conducting Quality Systems Assessment, Identifying Process Enhancers at Factories used by the Company, and collaborate with vendors on continuous improvement projects.
  • Duties are performed with minimal supervision, and work is validated / verified by progress made and / or by results.
  • Position has high visibility and impacts Sourcing decisions.
  • Errors in judgement potentially impacts source strategy and Vendor relationship.

Interpersonal Contacts:

  • Contacts are normally with both Internal & External stakeholders.
  • Internal Contacts may include Quality, Merchandising, Production, Compliance & Admin teams. External Quality Contacts includes Vendor partners, Testing Laboratory, Training institutes, machinery Manufacturers.
  • Interactions tend to focus on information exchange, problem solving, explanation, discussion and interpretations on a regular basis, either through phone, email or face to face meetings.


Ms Phuong

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Area Quality Assurance Manager - Footwear
Salary$2,000 - $4,000 + good benefit or negotiate
Job TypePermanent
LocationHo Chi Minh City
  • Salay: $2,000 - $4,000 + good benefit or negotiate
  • 13th month salary & performance bonus
  • Competitive salary and attractive benefits packages
  • Learning & development opportunities
  • Joyful staff activities events
  • Premium health care insurance plan for employee and family


• Support change to evolve into an efficient, Best-in-Class Quality organization.

• Support and monitor initiatives that align with new Continuous Improvement direction.

• Work in close collaboration with all Sourcing Office departments to ensure efficient and effective product execution.

• Provide leadership for LOQA teams via QA Supervisor/Group Leader, promote team building and ensure consistent adherence to company QA procedures.

• Closely monitor performance of QA Supervisor/Group Leader / Quality Auditors and Factories. Lead in problem resolution and problem solving.

• Assist in building internal Auditor staff to support our Factory and Fabric Mill Quality Systems Evaluation program.

• Assist in the development, training and leadership to move to a balanced QA/QC model and away from excessive product inspection.

• Manage internal training and development of QA teams in partnership with Sourcing Office and Corporate leadership.

• Work with QA Supervisor/Group Leader to manage and balance the QA resources between two offices per workloads required

• Manage and instruct QA Supervisor/Group Leader in controlling QA operation budgets.

• Support and associate Quality Engineer with QA Supervisor/Group Leader operations in quality initiative implementation.

• Coaching and supporting QA Supervisor/Group Leader in QA associates developing program.

• Setting Goals for QA Supervisor/Group Leader, Follow up, review and evaluate QA Supervisor/Group Leader performance periodically.

• Coaching, Leading both two Area QA departments to align with Corporate QA Strategy. Communicates the Corporate QA plan down thru the Area QA organizations and all Vendors within Vietnam to ensure clear understanding and ownership.

• The Area QA Manager will report to the Regional QA Manager and Corporate QA Department, with strong dotted line reporting to the SEA LO Sourcing Office Director.


Ms Phuong

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