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R&D Supervisor Packaging - Marketing & Advertising
IndustriesMarketing & Advertising
Salary$900 - $1,200 or Negotiate + good benefit
Job TypePermanent
LocationLong An, Viet Nam

Job title: R&D Supervisor Packaging

Salary: $900 – $1,200

Location: Long An, Viet Nam

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage the daily activities of a team: devising research methods; setting-up laboratory test equipment; building models and prototypes; calculating and analyzing test results; preparing technical documents; and designing prototypes
  • Ensuring that packaging products meet set requirements and specifications by validating packaging materials and finished package through factory performance testing (real time and/or lab based/ship test/ technology transfer).
  • Work with relevant department (as PLN, MPO, Product, QAC, …) to implement all assigned tasks
  • Working with current and potential suppliers (meet suppliers, understand the role suppliers play in getting project work done) to have technical guidance in new materials and new equipment.
  • Others task is assigned by direct manager.


  • University Degree Level Qualification related to Packaging or equivalent such as Food & Chemical Technology, Polymer Technology
  • Good understanding and experience in packaging converting technologies
  • 2+ years’ experience in a R&D Packaging (Food/ Beverage/ Meat…)
  • Can work under high pressure environment
  • Knowledge of packaging technical software (CAD)
  • Good communication skill and planning skill
  • Good at working in team and independent as well
  • Male candidates are required with age from 25 - 35

For more the information please contact:

Tam, Nguyen (Mr)]

  • Tel 02839154343 ext 212
  • Email:

Duc, Nguyen (Mr)

  • Tel 02839154343 ext 119
  • Email:
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HR Manager (Long An) - Human Resources
IndustriesHuman Resources
Salary$3,000 - $4,000 + good benefit or negotiate
Job TypeContract
LocationLong An, Viet Nam

Job title: HR Manager (Long An)

Working location: Long An

Reporting to: Marketing Director

Your Key Responsibilities


  • Coordinate with the Planning Department of recruitment, training and development of human resources periodically in the factory & business department.
  • Coordinating in the development of training, promotion and personnel replacement plans
  • Recruitment, interview and admission procedures, integration training according to the process of positions that do not require professional management skills.
  • Budgeting is related to the cost of staffing, organizing and monitoring budget execution
  • Develop plans, propose optimal plans related to the use of Company assets and equipment.
  • Implementing and proposing regulations on salary, bonus, measures to encourage employees to work, implementing regimes for employees
  • Coordinating with related departments to organize the performance evaluation in the Company periodically and unexpectedly
  • Advise to develop policies, organizational structure of the Company's operations
  • Advise, propose to handle issues in the field of HCNS, training, recruitment, compensation and benefits and welfare regimes
  • Proposing and resolving labor disputes, labor relations at the factory
  • Supporting other departments in the work of HCNS
  • Coordinating in the construction of corporate activities to build the Company's culture
  • Organizing the implementation of monthly and quarterly personal income tax reports
  • Controlling and making salary reports, bonuses, monthly and yearly HC Expenses reports, social insurance and AON reconciliation reports or irregular reports of agencies and agencies as well as regular and irregular reports. exported in the corporation
  • Monitoring and controlling procedures for signing and re-signing labor contracts of employees fully and on time;
  • Organizing trade union activities, visiting, welcoming, union activities with trade unions of industrial parks
  • Organizing and implementing health work, monitoring drug distribution for employees, directly handling situations related to occupational safety
  • Organizing and implementing administrative and personnel work according to the functions, duties and requirements of the Board of Directors


  • Receiving & handling documents of the State Agency at the direction of the Board of Directors.
  • Manage, store the paperwork related to the Company's administrative procedures.
  • Develop plans, propose optimal plans related to the use of Company assets and equipment.
  • Supporting other departments in the Administration - Human Resources work.
  • Managing the distribution of drinking water, uniforms, labor protection, stationery, ordering ...
  • Organizing union activities, visiting, welcoming, union activities with trade unions of industrial parks, labor unions where the factory is located.
  • Organizing exchanges for employees, building the company culture according to the development orientation of the Board of Directors
  • Responsible for assigning logistics work to the Domestic Business Department, traveling abroad, booking tickets, driving cars, booking hotels ...
  • Organizing to supervise the implementation of security and order, labor safety, canten activities ... according to the process and regulations.
  • Other regular and irregular jobs…


  • Graduated from University or higher in the field of social labor, labor wages, or related subjects
  • Capacity: Ability to manage and lead, Communication and conflict resolution skills, disputes. Negotiating skills and persuading others. Skills to guide and train junior staff. Skills to organize meetings, planning and reporting. Interview skills, recruitment, training ...
  • Proficient in office computer, fluent in Excel functions, human resources software.
  • Use English fluently in listening-speaking-reading-writing skills
  • Experience: At least 5 years of experience in human resource management or executive management, Knowledge of human resources, social insurance, labor and salary, knowing relevant laws: Social Insurance, Labor Law, Law people, personal income tax law.
  • Other requirements: Can go on business and work overtime when required

For more the information please contact our consultant:

Tam, Nguyen (Mr.)

  • 02839154343 ext 212

Susan, Ho (Ms.)

  • 02839154343 ext 118
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HR Supervisor - Human Resources
IndustriesHuman Resources
Salary$1,000 - 1,500 or Negotiate + good benefit
Job TypeContract
LocationLong An, Viet Nam


  • Develop and maintain all HR procedure, policies, employee handbook.
  • Develop and update of Job Description of all Departments.
  • Conduct internal training and external training based on plan.
  • Supervise C&B administration, update the Government law, market related to salary, Social insurance, do the PIT finalization every year. Consult to Board of Director on the market trend so that the company will have a competitive reward.
  • Conduct yearly performance evaluation and process competency gap analysis for career development and training development.
  • Handle and resolve any employee grievances.
  • Do HR reports as Manager’s request.
  • Manage all licenses for the company such as: Investment license, printing license, etc..
  • Manage suppliers, vendor contract and quality of service.
  • Control office machines, budget, and maintenance service.


  • Communication in English
  • Competency in all MS office applications and other related software
  • Competency in organizational skill and ability to respect confidential information
  • Good teamwork


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