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Human Resource Manager - Human Resources
IndustriesHuman Resources
Salary$1,500 - $3,000 + good benefit or negotiate
Job TypeContract
LocationBinh Duong

Job title:Human Resource Manager

Salary: $1,500 - $3,000 + good benefit or negotiate

Job Description:

  • Assist COO in Manpower planning, controlling of manpower cost and allocation of manpower.
  • Work in close coordination with COO to understand future Manpower Requirements, and assist in compiling J.D.s,
  • Assist in administrative work like compiling Performance Appraisal Forms from various Departments, Units, & R.O. related to Performance Appraisals, Promotions etc.
  • Ensure strict compliance of all Company Policies, procedures
  • Compile Attrition, monthly manpower movement analysis.
  • Act as a link between management and staff/workers, resolving their issues if any and ensure fair and equitable practices.
  • Work towards Employee Engagement, Motivation, Grievance handling.
  • Ensure all department records are as per ISO standards.
  • Any other work assigned by HOD
  • Allocation and record keeping of stationery for office staff
  • Collecting and scrutinizing telephone, mobile bills. Maintaining records of the same and presenting to management on time to time.
  • Monitoring housekeeping staff, Managing reception, EPABX board in the absence of assigned person.
  • Coordinate with various staff for operational support activities in the office, serve as a liaison between departments and housekeeping staff in the resolution of day-to-day administrative and operational problems.
  • House Keeping, Liasoning with Govt Offices, local administration. Courier inward outward
  • Managing Stock of Stationary, office utilities.
  • Monitoring upkeep of Office, supervising any Maintenance work carried out in office premises
  • Coordinating with Vendors
  • Handling, Assisting HOD in organizing Events like office picnic, Annual day celebrations etc.
  • Setting up of new offices/Guest Houses
  • Coordinating with Architects if any Office Interiors changes to be done
  • Striving to maintain excellent Hygiene conditions in office
  • Maintenance of Office cars/Booking of vehicles.
  • Maintenance of AMC documents, renewal from time to time

For more the information please contact our consultant:

Ms Phuong ext 113

Ms Susan ext 111

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Marketing - Industrial Pkg - Industrial Automation
IndustriesIndustrial Automation
Salary$2,000 - $4,000 + good benefit or negotiate
Job TypeContract
LocationBinh Duong

Job title: Marketing - Industrial Pkg

Salary: $2,000 - $4,000 + good benefit or negotiate

Job Responsibilities :

  • Responsible for marketing / sales / Business development of Indl Packaging products
  • Develop & finalize in consultation with HOD annual marketing plans and strategies
  • Identify market potential and develop new clients
  • Develop contacts with Manufacturing Industries
  • Monitor & manage the enrichment of Sales Target, Turnover, profitability & collection targets.
  • Collect concessional Tax/duty form & timely payment collection from the customers.
  • Achieve monthly, quarterly and annual sales and Collection target.
  • Meet customer, generate inquiry, participate in both technical & commercial negotiations & ultimately finalize the order
  • Develop, Strengthen & Maintain relationship with all customers
  • Train and motivate the Sales team to achieve the sales target
  • Assist the Head of Quality to obtain ISO accreditations from relevant agencies & support all service related matters
  • Review & Report on monthly, quarterly basis the Actual Sales Vs Targets to HOD
  • Analyse on monthly / quarterly basis product wise profitability and initiate corrective action.
  • Any other work assigned by HOD

Technical Skill:

  • Should have a good computer knowledge Eg. Microsoft excel, word, power point, etc.
  • Preparing daily MIS report

Behavioral Skill:

  • Good marketing skills
  • Positive attitude towards work.
  • Ability to deal with people diplomatically
  • Posse's excellent communication, interpersonal skills and organizational skills
  • Willing to travel.
  • Ability to work under pressure and extended time period

For more information please contact our consultant:

Ms Phuong

Ms Susan

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Chief Executive Officer - Industrial Automation
IndustriesIndustrial Automation
Salary$5,000 - $8,000 + good benefit or negotiate
Job TypeContract
LocationBinh Duong

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

Salary: $5,000 - $8,000 + good benefit or negotiate

Essential Skill:

  • Establish strategies for achieving top-line & bottom-line targets.
  • Control the sales and marketing operations of the business.
  • Formulate and implement tactical initiatives to achieve corporate strategic goals..
  • Formulate business development activities, identify & develop new markets, lead generation, client retention & achieving targets.
  • Handle all the phases of sales cycle, from concept through development and marketing
  • Responsible in turning around underperforming segments & business units through process/ procedural improvements focused on sales & best practice identification and implementation.
  • Business planning & assessing revenue potential within opportunities.
  • Conduct competitor analysis by keeping abreast of market trends and competitor moves to achieve market share metrics
  • Demonstrate ability in restructuring operations to revitalize business.
  • Formulate strategies & reaching out to the unexplored market segments for business expansion
  • Interact with Key Customers.
  • Conceptualize, plan and organize brand promotion activities by developing new communication mix and new strategies for brand launch.
  • Any other work assigned by HOD

Technical Skill:

  • Prepare transparent and meaningful MIS report to be presented to Management at timely intervals
  • Should have some idea about design or mechanical aspects.

Behavioral Skill:

  • Ability to meet 'bench marked standards' and strict aggressive deadlines.
  • A keen analyst, highly skilled in market / sales forecasting, quick to identify & formulate strategies to exploit business opportunities.
  • A proactive approach and a high level of enthusiasm.
  • Excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills. Strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment with a focus on team work

For more information please contact our consultant:

Ms Phuong

Ms Susan

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Human Resources Specialists - Human Resources
IndustriesHuman Resources
Job TypeContract
LocationBinh Duong

Salary: Negotiate

Work location: Binh Duong

Job Description:

  • Assure the implementation and compliance with Labour Law and company policies.
  • Coordinate with press agiencies, recruitment agencies and websites to post recruitment announcements.
  • Participate in recruitment process.
  • Plan and organize training programs for employees
  • Manage employee profiles and their performances.
  • Implement employees’payroll and bonus.
  • Responsible for managing effectively employee benefits.
  • Responsible for Health, Social and Unemployment insurances for employees.
  • Working coordidately to evaluate employees’ performance and bonus policy.
  • Solve matters related to benefit policy for employees (birthday, party, illness, periodical health examination and etc.)


  • Graduate university or higher degree.
  • Any major preference.
  • Candidates with relevant experience is an advantage.
  • Proficient Chinese, English speaking is an advantage.

For more informa​tion please contact: 

Ms Lien

Ms Phuong

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Production Supervisor - Manufacturing / Logistics
IndustriesManufacturing / Logistics
Salary$1,200 - $2,000 or Negotiate
Job TypeContract
LocationBinh Duong

Job title: Production Supervisor

Reports to: Manager Production Manager

Education: BS degree in engineering or sciences, prefer from the field of optics engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or industrial engineering.


  • Access to manufacturing methodologies and proprietary process information.  Access to customer lists and proprietary customer information. Access to short-term and long-term business strategies
  • Jointly responsible, with the production staff of Pre/Fabrication and QA sections, and process engineering team.  Some contact with the sale & external vendors.


  • At least 3 years in manufacturing
  • Problem solving and analytical skills – High energy level.
  • High ability to manage people
  • Ability to methodize and improve production processes.
  • Communication skills.
  • MS office skill


Ms Phuong

Ms Susan

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