First Recruitment Asia is more than just a recruitment company – we are able to act as a true business partner, offering comprehensive and specifically designed talent sourcing and recruitment project management solutions to meet recruitment objectives at many levels and across multiple countries.

Increasingly, we are finding that more and more companies are in need of a comprehensive resourcing solution that embraces all functions across the recruitment process and can work within an existing HR framework to improve Talent Acquisition and remove cost. That is why we have developed Page Outsourcing – Managed Service as a managed service solution.

Providing tailored solutions for talent acquisition

Page Outsourcing – Managed Service delivers a service that is designed to provide a scalable and flexible solution to meet your ongoing recruitment needs.

Created to meet the growing demands of our clients, Page Outsourcing – Managed Service leverages the internal capabilities of our elite recruitment specialists in offering customised solutions for your organisation’s high-volume hiring needs.