You seek for high-performers, change champions for executives and leaders with the right skills to deliver and facilitate superior results now and the vision to navigate a marketplace  more complex every day.

First Recruitment-Asia organization commands a unique global perspective across industries and functions. We will help you meet every challenge with confidence.

Comprehensive Services

We are the expert in a range of proven capabilities to meet and to satisfy your exact needs. We offer you insightful, pragmatic counsels. Our comprehensive services include

  1. Executive Search & Selection
  2. Payroll & Staffing
  3. Career Consultancy

What sets First Recruitment-Asia apart ?

Excel in Talent Strategies

First Recruitment-Asia’s experienced consultants can help you to pursue bold new talent strategies to satisfy your demands on today leaders due to globalization. We work closely with you to infuse your organization with strategically vital leadership competencies, such as change management, strategic orientation, developing organizational capability, and customer impact.

We determine to assist you on making better decisions for critical roles, and to build sustainable talent pipelines, and ensure that your leadership teams have the diverse strengths and supports to create competitive advantage.

Partnership Approach

We help you to assess leadership potential by using a unique methodology that helps you anticipate how your rising executives and leaders will perform in new and more demanding executive roles.

The consultants in our practice work as your partners to assemble and develop world-class leadership teams. Referencing our globally researched benchmarks.

We proudly assist you to pinpoint your ideal executives and leaders, who have demonstrated leadership competencies, personality traits, and behavioral characteristics. Therefore, you can objectively benchmarking internal and external candidates against the same rigorously defined standard.

Close Connections

We methodically search the candidate’s full range of capabilities, KSAO, personal tendencies, and behavioral characteristics, gain penetrating insights into their readiness to perform in the targeted leadership role, and assess how smoothly candidates would integrate into your organization and culture. We understand who can meet your needs and how to attract them to your company.

We are engaged with top industrial executives, technical experts, and functional leaders from middle to senior managers in each geography. Our interviews with well-qualified candidates engaged and conducted into deeper conversation with interested, surrounding with  sophisticated and  leadership disciplines. Our evaluation encompasses far more than the customary professional track record check and referencing.

Trust Negotiation.

Our consultants invest personally efforts in their relationships with candidates, gaining intimate understanding of their requirements and concerns. Our service fees can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Our service policy ensures that we can play this vital and sensitive role with no conflict of interest.

Ensured Results

We value ourselves on the fact that most of our client relationships are long-term partnership. With our candidates, we ensure your talent engaged and on the spotlight. We earn your loyalty by being consistently effective, proactively responsive to your needs, committed and willingness going extra miles to your ongoing success.