$2,500 - $3,000 or Negotiate + good benefit
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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Job title: Tax Manager
Salary: $2,500 – $3,000
Working location: Ho Chi Minh city

Key Responsibilities

  • Supervise and coordinate the Company’s tax compliance,computing taxes and preparing tax returns, ensuring compliance with payment, reporting and other tax requirements
  • Responsible for the prompt payment of all taxes, statutory contributions, levies, rates and assessments.
  • Providing financial support to team members
  • Liaise with the Company’s tax consultants and advisers on all matters and provide necessary support to them for timely response to tax queries and resolution and closure of all tax audits.
  • Co-ordinate the documentation of the Company’s Policy and any update thereto from time to time, and work with the appropriate personnel of the Company to ensure compliance with the Transfer Pricing (TP) Regulations as necessary.
  • Liaise with the Company’s tax consultants and advisers to obtain fiscal incentives, grants and benefits as the Company may be entitled to from the appropriate Government agencies and ensure their efficient utilization.
  • In all cases, to work closely with the Company’s tax consultants and advisers to achieve the Company’s financial, fiscal and commercial objectives.
  • Review all contracts to ensure tax efficiency and optimization and seek advice from the Company’s tax adviser’s and consultants as appropriate.
  • Manage all tax risks associated with the Company’s business. Define and manage resource requirements, project workflow, budgets, billings and collections.
  • Ensure that all agreements registered to The Government agencies are up to date and valid for tax purposes. Maintain relationships and be confident in interacting with Government authorities
  • Develop, articulate and implement the Company’s tax strategy, evaluate and monitor progress thereon periodically.
  • Advise the Company on changes and tax laws and regulations and analyze the impact on the Company’s business and its response thereto.


  • Bachelor degree in Accounting, Finance
  • Tax certificate and CPA/ACCA holder are preferred
  • Logical thinking and good attitude towards company target
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in tax practice in a reputable firm and or industry as the same level
  • Knowledge of manufacturing industry
  • Knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS)
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Strong commercial sense
  • Strong written and oral communication and presentation skills
  • Analytical, interpretative and decision-making skills

For more the information please contact:
Tam, Nguyen (Mr.)

  • 02839154343 ext 212

Dieu, Dao (Ms.)

  • 02839154343 ext 118

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