$8,000 - $12,000 + good benefit or negotiate
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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Position: Category Trade Marketing Director

Salary : USD 8000- USD 12,000

Working location : HCMC

Scope of Work:

  • Leads long term strategic business plan
  • Defines an overall solution go-to-market vision, positioning, strategy and messaging, formalize it according to the scope of responsibilities.
  • Communicate the strategy for deployment and reports strategy formulation by providing key information & reports on economy, competition, intermediaries, markets globally & specific to a geography.
  • Collects, analyzes & diffuses all relevant information and ensures the quality of information.
  • Communicates, deploys and adapts group strategy in the country.
  • Provides management complete assistance on shaping medium and long term direction and resource allocation through collaboration with other functions(Finance, Field Marketing).
  • Performs all relevant researches/surveys with a sense of confidentiality, either under its responsibility or on request of management.


Strategic Planning

  • Develop, participate and finalize in validation of Country Marketing Strategic and Business Plans in order to ensure, Company Success with good profitability.

Market Information

  • Provide and analyze the accurate market information and feedback to the management team locally and at Zone levelin order to optimize  and lead to the successful business result.

Marketing Activities

  • Develop, create, maintain and monitor activities with clients or Business partners regularly in order to gather information and ensure customer satisfaction to cultivate relationship and improve business and sales Growth.


  • Develop & implement competitive price strategies, processes and policies for the long and short term in order to proactively maximize profits while balancing strategy, market share & volume by market segment.
  • Ensure Pricing Performance.
  • Ensure Pricing Competencies.
  • Ensure Pricing Communication

Marketing Development

  • Challenge and support BUs on the performance of the marketing executionand efficiency of their organization & alignment with Group recommendations.
  • Drive efficiency and effectiveness across all marketing organizations through acombination of Process excellence, System excellence, Process implementation,change management and competency development.

Offer Management

  • Understand and shares Offer Strategy with the Business Unit to adapt andexecute it locally.
  • Master the Offer knowledge and the Offer environment.
  • Support Sales Offer strategy execution.

Market Information

  • Provide and analyze the accurate market information and feedback to the management team locally and at Zone levelin order to optimize and lead to the successful business result.


  • Have experience in Marketing field and senior Marketing Managerial level in international companies
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of VN market practices, comprehensive understanding of marketing and marketing communication concept and principles.

For more information please contact our consultant:

Ms. Susan

  • 02839154343 ext 111

Ms. Phuong

  • 02839154343 ext 114

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