$4,000 - $6,000 or Negotiate + good benefit
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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Job title: Directorof Production Operations

Salary: $4,000 – $6,000

Working location: Ho Chi Minh city

Key Responsibilities

  • Monitor production operationsbudgets against financial goals and metrics and proactively project risk and impact of changes in production or scope.
  • Manage and operate the production activities of the production department, ensuring the goal of safety, quantity, quality, cost and GMP activities.
  • Manage, monitor and direct the implementation of orientations from the superiors. Set up the operation program for the production department of the factory such as OGSM, ShopfloorModle, Keizen, 5S etc. ensure to achieve the set goals of the company.
  • Organize periodic meetings to review the performance of the plant's production department and take action to resolve abnormalities to achieve the goal of production, quality and equipment efficiency, and cost. manufacturing.
  • Interacting with related parts such as QA Dept., Technology Dept., Warehouse Dept. and Maintenance Dept., etc. to smoothly coordinate the activities of the factory production department.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the production results of the plant reach high or exceed expectations. Weekly / monthly report of production activities of the shift according to the main KPIs: (i) Safety & GMP; (ii) Conversion cost (Labor, steam, electricity, water; (iii) OEE, consumption of raw materials; (iv) The non-conforming during production; (v) % OR.


  • At least 10 years of experience in production operation management include +5 years in the same position in enterprises with more than 500 people, preferably having experience working in multinational companies.
  • Graduated from University with the following majors: CNTP, Mechanical Engineering, Automation, Mechanical - Electronics, ...
  • Knowledge of technical machines and equipment.
  • Basic understanding of electricity, mechanics and compressed air. (In-depth understanding of existing expertise).
  • Understanding of safety shielding machinery.
  • Knowledge of fast-moving consumer goods manufacturing.
  • Quality control system (ISO, online control on lines, etc.)
  • Understanding of Raw Material, concepts of BOM, Waste.
  • Understanding of AM and PM maintenance.
  • Experience and understanding of ERP
  • Prefer male candidate with age from 45 and below

For more the information please contact:

Tam, Nguyen (Mr)]

  • Tel 02839154343 ext 212
  • Email:

Duc, Nguyen (Mr)

  • Tel 02839154343 ext 119
  • Email:

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