$1,800 - $2,500 or Negotiate + good benefit
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Friday, April 10, 2020

Job title: Sales Online Manager
Salary: $1,800 – $2,500
Location: Ho Chi Minh city

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage, supervise, train and ensure the quality of consultancy of the sales online operation.
  • Support handling situations, train employees on communication skills via order / phone / chat processing
  • Planning, researching, analyzing and reporting
  • Proactively arrange and work schedule for employees to meet the service load
  • Keep track of promotions to employees effectively as well as the implementation of promotions offered by the company
  • Planning deployment for employees by week / month when receiving targets from the Board of Directors
  • Track weekly sales revenue of each group and each employee.
  • Collaborate with your sales operation team, design teams and management to ensure that the service is being offered in the very best assortment to the customer
  • Monthly, monthly business report to CMO & CEO.
  • Perform other duties when assigned by CMO & CEO.


  • University Graduated in Economics, E-Commerce, Business Administration.
  • More than 3 years Ecommerce experience in Lazada/ Tiki/ Shopee/ Sendo or experience in Sales Online Operations from suppliers/ company who promotes sales online platform via ecommerce.
  • Exceptional time management skills; ability to organize, prioritize, and manage multiple projects with overlapping goals and objectives
  • Ability to influence and interact with senior management
  • Adaptable and flexible; responsive and resourceful in a fast-paced, quick turn business model
  • Experience with digital marketing and online sales
  • Young, dynamic with good leadership and sales-driven attitude.

For more the information please contact:

Tam, Nguyen (Mr)

  • Tel 02839154343 ext 212
  • Email:

Duc, Nguyen (Mr)

  • Tel 02839154343 ext 119
  • Email:

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